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Ever heard of Nijmegen?

Known as Batavodorum and later Noviomagnus in roman times this town lying on the banks of the river Waal at the border to Germany nowadays atracts tango travellers not only from whole europe but from all around the globe!

How comes?

Eric Jeurissen, for whom the word 'tango teacher' is not a sufficient description, here hosts a unique tango location, actually his private home, called "El Corte". Apart from the weekly tango school activities every month some 200+ "tango die hards" from all over the country, whole Europe and also all around the world meet here to spend a whole weekend dancing.

If I say 'whole' weekend I mean 'whole' weekend: During those so called "chained salons" after a 'warm up' at friday evening an all nighter milonga follows on saturday ... only to be continued during the day of the sun.

On the following pages I will share with you some of my personal impressions of "El Corte".

If you want to learn more about this place check out Eric's own website at El Corte.


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