TangoMagia V - Homage to Osvaldo Pugliese
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"TangoMagia" - the big Amsterdam Tango Festival "between the year's".

At the fifth reincarnation of the festival in 2002 a very special event took place: On december 29th the dutch orchestra "Sexteto Canyengue" (the one with Carel Kraayenhoof) and the argentinian orchestra "Color Tango" (with leader Roberto Alvarez) performed together in a concert titled "Homage to Osvaldo Pugliese"! In presence of the widow of Osvaldo Pugliese both orchestras together formed an "orqesta tipica". After first both orchestras performing on their own (one set "Sexteto Canyengue", two sets "Color Tango") both joined: Four bandoneon, 2 piano, 4 violins, 2 double-basses (and for the last peaces even Eva Wolff, former second bandoneon of "Sexteto Canyengue" joined them for a total of 5 bandoneonistas!). Incredible moments arose coming to a climax with the interpretation of "La Yumba"!

"Sexteto Canyengue" started the concert.

Sexteto Canyengue @ TangoMagia V

"Color Tango" continued.

Color Tango @ TangoMagia V

Lidia Pugliese speaking to the guests.

Lidia Pugliese @ TangoMagia V

Lidia Pugliese evoking memories of Osvaldo Pugliese's last concert in Japan.

Lidia Pugliese @ TangoMagia V

"Orqesta tipica" 'Color Tango' & 'Sexteto Canyengue".

'Orqesta tipica' 'Color Tango' & 'Sexteto Canyengue' @ TangoMagia V

Los dos Bandoneonistas.

Los dos Bandoneonistas @ TangoMagia V

Even more Bandoneons: Eva Wolff joined "Orqesta tipica" 'Color Tango' & 'Sexteto Canyengue'.

'Orqesta tipica' 'Color Tango' & 'Sexteto Canyengue' plus Eva Wolff @ TangoMagia V

Lidia Pugliese after the concert applauding.

Lidia Pugliese @ TangoMagia V

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