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Following the bigger towns of Dresden and Leizig the tango wave has reached Jena.

Allthough still a beginning scene down there, tango allready has a very nice location on sunday night: "Cafe Central". A regular cafe, open to the general public, which means that non-tango-people also frequent the bar, just by coincidence or to take a deep breath of tango air. Tango folks are very friendly and welcoming, worth a try for the travelling tango dancer.

Please note the wonderfull bouquet of autumn flowers. Rita, the host of tango at "Cafe Central" regulary pleases the guest with outstanding flower decorations.

'Cafe Central', Jena, Germany - IMGP1417 - © eTanguero

'Cafe Central', Jena, Germany - IMGP1418 - © eTanguero

'Cafe Central', Jena, Germany - IMGP1419 - © eTanguero

'Cafe Central', Jena, Germany - IMGP1420 - © eTanguero

'Cafe Central', Jena, Germany - IMGP1426 - © eTanguero

I could not fiend a website devoted to Jena tango yet. If you know one, please let me know.


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